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Social Responsibility


We strive to serve community with a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility by integrate long term economic, environmental and social dimensions into the way we successfully operate our business.


We are committed to capitalizing on our strengths and resources to remunerate society through various means including voluntary services, donation and sponsorship and have received awards recognizing our efforts as community service and support. 


We encourage our employees to help local community organizations and activities in our region, particularly our employee chosen charities.


Health and Safety


Management takes the safety and health policy as their participative responsibility, continued education and awareness of our teams on the hazards of construction is maintained.


We keep the working conditions are  and the health of the work force is always considered in planning and executing a work plan. The monitoring of personnel is taken seriously and all efforts are made to keep the working environment safe.


All personnel are issued with safety equipment, and should an accident occur, work is stopped immediately, management is informed and the necessary action is taken without any delay.



We have always attached great importance to respect the environment and persists in taking the road of sustainable development as principle of our company by subscribe to the philosophy of limit as much as possible the impact to the environment.


We are environmentally involved in sustainable development and committed to an environmental approach by implementing the use of green products and selectively treating waste products.


We ensure environmental policies, and actively promote environmental awareness among staff, clients, customers and the general public.

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